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Assalamoalaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters

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We Will Try To Send You Soon Insha ALLAH

34 thoughts on “Post Your Request Here

  1. salam, brother for a long time i’ve been trying to find this natt but i couldnt find it anywhere on the internet, its called ”asa lagaiyane madine wal jaandiya” im sure you’ve can u post this video here or send it on my mail, some say that asif attari recites some say its sheikh imran attari anyway jazakallah.

  2. Assalamoalekum,

    i m searching manqabat sharif :-Hai Karam Jis Par Tumhara by Sadia Kazmi, & Aamna Ashfaq
    if u have please send me on my e-mail

    Thanks & regards

  3. Assalamoalekum,

    I m finding Manazir Hussain Badayuni naat’s
    if u hv please send me

    Thanx & regards

  4. can you post the natt ”asa lagiyane madeenenu jaandiya” some say asif attari recites and some say its sheikh imran attari, but i ve checked both of them on this website and cant find it can you please post it. jazakallah.

  5. Aslam-O-Alykum (wa rehmat ullah),

    Dear Suleman,

    I want this naat, if possible then please try to arrange ti.
    Naat: Akhin Tak Tak Thak Gaiyan Dedar Kra Janwin
    Lajan Walerya Sadi Laj Nabha Janwin

    I will be thankful to you.

  6. my grandmother had heard a naat by prof. abdul rauf rufi some time ago and she wants to listen to it again. m in great trouble searching for it everywhere, i ‘ve almost heard 100 of his naats but of no use.. she doesn’t remember the exact lyrics but it seems it’s about some naseehath for beti..and in it he says it seems to teach ur daughter all the work and all… i would be glad if i get it and very thankful to u.. because i want to fulfill my grandmother’s wish.. please help me out if u can..somebody please inform me if u find it somewhere.. my i.d is

  7. al haaj zulfikhar ali ….sahab ki naat jo “DHUKI DILON KA SAHARA” ke program ke end main background naat padi jaati hai usko aap is page par dalden……………plz


  8. I would like to know the late naat-khwan with a very sober voice who appeared on PTV many years ago with the following naat:

    Dard-o-alam ke maar-e-howe kiya Dete Hain
    Hum tu Bas unki Ankhon ko dua Dete Hain
    Banda banna hai khuda Ka tu Gada Ban Unka
    Jo fakeeron ko Shehenshah Bana dete Hain
    Aql Walon ke Naseebon main Kahan Zook-e-Janoon
    Ishq Wale Hain Jo Har Cheez Luta Dete hain

    I have many memories with this naat, so please run all your horses in search of the above. Lots of appreciations will be on your way ..

    Regards, Nabeel Virk

  9. Aslam o Alkum plz upload dis naat………..Allah o Akbar Amd-e-Sarkar ha..plz main ne bht search ke ha bt muje nahe mil rahe ha…

  10. Assalamu Alaikum.
    i am searching this naat but i can’t find it.It is Ae Khudawande Kareem to hi Rehman o Raheem.Please let me know that from where to download.

  11. assalamu alaikum
    ramazan mubarak
    if possible plzzzzzzzz upload the naat,
    mujhe dar pe phir bulana madani madine wale

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