Download New Album of Farhan Ali Qadri Aagaye Sarkar ( Low & High Quality )

Farhan Ali Qadri New Naat Album Aagaye Sarkar Sallalla Hu Alaihe Wa Sallam

For Download Right Click On Low Quality / High Quality And Chose Save Target as

Aagaye Sarkar Low Quality High Quality
Bankay Saile Madinay Nou Jawangy Mein Low Quality High Quality
Laggiyan Nay Mojaan Laye Rakhy Sohnia Low Quality High Quality
Madinay Mein Yeh Hotay Hein Low Quality High Quality
Na Ho Araam Jis Bemaar Ko Low Quality High Quality
Naseeba Khol Day Mera Low Quality High Quality
Rab Nay Dia Hay Unko Low Quality High Quality
Mitho Nalo Muhammad Jo Low Quality High Quality
Zameen Mayli Nahy Hoti Low Quality High Quality


12 thoughts on “Download New Album of Farhan Ali Qadri Aagaye Sarkar ( Low & High Quality )

  1. Asalam Bhai, thanx for ulpaoding album new of Farhan Ali Qadri, but i want to say, its got zikar in it and zikar has been banned, could you explain. Thanx

  2. salaam 2 all,
    mashalla wat a butiful naat recited by farhan ali qadri !!! i must say wat a talented boy may allah giv him the tufeeq 2 carry on ! ameen suma ameen !
    keep up the gd work

    fan of farhan ali qadri

  3. As Salaam Alaikom,

    Ahmed bhai, Zikr has been been banned from Qtv, right? This album is recorded and released by MF (Media Front stereo) , and was released 12 Rabi-ul Awal, which was in begin 2008. I thought Zikr was banned later than that. But if Farhan Ali Qadri wants Zikr behind his naats, then nobody can stop him.

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