Hasbi Rabbi JalLallah ALLAH Ho ALLAH

Posted: October 7, 2007 by sulemansubhani in Farhan Ali Qadri, Home
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  1. Nafisa says:

    i really like his naats and his voice how old is he and can u send other naat khwans naats to me on my email please

  2. abid hussain says:


  3. this is a very good singer ………..

  4. this is a good webside masha Allah
    jazak Allah khair dua for me plz
    Allah hafiz o nasir

  5. verry good webside
    jazak Allah khair ameen
    dua for me plz
    Allah hafiz o nasir

  6. Rocky says:

    its good……………

  7. ali says:

    saddam hussain

  8. Zeeshan says:

    I love diz naat nd da wee booy make it good ;)

    may Allah ble$$ us all Ameen

  9. Shariq says:

    I love diz naat .

    ALLAh bless us ameen.

  10. mohammed rizwan says:

    subhaan -allah, masha- allah, lets allah bless all of us and forgive our sins and show the right path ( ie of Rasool-ul-laah SAW)

  11. Noorulain says:

    can anyone plz send me the full lyrics to THIS video on my email. When i search it on google it only shes the one by sami yousif, but i want the one by Farhan Ali Qadri, full urdu.

  12. assalamu alai kum i like sami yousuf naths nd qari rizwan naths very much i want 2 b come like them may allah bless us(ameen).

  13. CIDPUSA says:

    Beautiful verses love to here them

  14. OMER says:

    this singer is very talented of singing naats
    allah will bless him(ameen)
    i like sami yusuf and owais razzak qadri

  15. Mashallah bht piyi nat ha .SUBHANALAH.

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