Afaaq Chisti ( Kashmiri Naat ) Ya Rasool Hashmi


7 thoughts on “Afaaq Chisti ( Kashmiri Naat ) Ya Rasool Hashmi

  1. Dear Sir

    I was very happy to see “Kashur boai”(Kashmiri brother) on this web site .If this qweb site is from Indian Kashmir than i am very pleased from this effort. I also wish to see Bul Bulay Baagi Madina Jenab Mir Ghulam Nabi Baramulla Naats also.

    Mohammad Idrees Bhat
    Baramulla Jammu and Kashmir

  2. very good job done. Really unbelieveable that we can listen our language in any corner of the world. i am thousands of Kms away from kashmir i just try today to find if any Kashmiri Naat is on web. I found many really it is very good job. jazakallah Kheir.


    LA USA

  3. assalam u alaikum.
    how can i download this naat-e-shareef ???
    besides, can u please give me links of kashmiri naats available online ???

  4. Dear Sir
    The effort by Afaaq Chisti is worth appreciation. He has given it a good try. I would however suggest to try it the way it used to be recited by Ustad Mohammad Abdullah Tibetbakaal. I felt Afaaq tried it his (Tibetbakaal) way. I have listened it from him (Tibetbakaal) many a times in my childhood during shab at Malchimar Aali kadal Masjid Srinagar. Radio Kashmir broad casts it some times during Ramadhan. Could be improved further. Afaaq has the potential to better it further. Nevertheless a good beginning…..

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